Monday, February 28, 2011

NEW: Inspiration Monday!

I decided to start doing 'Inspiration Mondays.' You know, things that inspire me? This week its subway tile in kitchens. I might have went a little overboard on the pictures, but I love it so much!!

This first picture might be my favorite. I LOVE the green/blue color of the tile.

I'm not a huge fan of this shade of blue, but I like the way the brighter color looks against an all white kitchen. So clean and crisp!

This one is cool because it looks so vintage! I mean, look at the water spout for the sink! So cool.

I'm always a fan of all white.

Again, I swear you can't go wrong with all white. Soooo pretty.

Lastly another green one. I'm not a fan of the kitchen itself, but I love that color. Its definitely my favorite.


  1. I love subway tile.
    The first pic makes me think of you the most, minus the seafood sign. :)

  2. Is this inspired by Nora Walker's amazing kitchen?

  3. Does anybody know what the product is in the first picture?