Sunday, March 20, 2011

New room!

My room was a disaster for the past couple weeks. Which is completely unlike me.
I like everything perfectly in its place, otherwise I literally don't sleep well.
But last week when I officially decided to stay in Washington right up until I leave for school, I had to fix up my room. Stacked books on my dresser had to go. Clothes needed to be put away. Extra sheets and bedding needed to go in my closet. It just had to happen.
When I was done I felt so good. I could sleep for days in my new room!

This is my jewelry frame. Which I have posted about before, but now its all set up. I love the color so much.

This is kind of my 'work-in-progress' corner. I still need to paint the crate white, and the frames inside of it need painting. And gluing.

This is my finished crate. :)
It has all the books that I will read this summer and that I want to take to school in August.

The inside of the unfinished crate is literally all junk. Stuff that has no other place or needs painting/fixing/whatever. But I make it look organized, of course. :)

This little tray is one of my favorite things. I got it at Value Village for 99 cents! I painted it and now its perfect for my little coast-to-coast coasters and M's and my favorite oil lamp!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Antique Finds

This week I was kidnapped by Kelsey. She forced me to go antiquing. Even though I told her I was tired. And that I had no money to spend on lovely antique finds. And that I didn't want to drive anywhere.
But she tricked me. And she drove. And I have never been so thankful.

I went into 3rd Street Antiques, which we frequent quite often, expecting to see all the same old stuff. The strawberry blanket [still there], the old pair of skis that I LOVE upstairs [still there] and the suit with cat appliques all over it [surprisingly NOT there]. My plan was to absolutely not fall in love with anything or buy even the cheapest thing.

ESPECIALLY with Kelsey. Because we have a love for all the same vintage-y things. Kitchen things, tablecloths and teacups.

I hadn't even made it 1/4 of the way through the shop when I saw the most beautiful tablecloth I had ever seen. This picture does it no justice. It has my favorite colors: mint and light pink. Along with red, which I love. And it has tulips. I have never seen a tulip tablecloth but I was definitely in love. I didn't even look at the price because I knew if I didn't buy it, Kelsey would. And I would FOREVER regret that.

I also ended up finding a very, very cute apron [the blue one] for only 7 dollars! And Kelsey found the super cute white apron on top.

I will take more pictures sometime of the whole tablecloth, but this at least shows a little bit of it. Thank you so so so much for kidnapping me Kelsey!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Inspiration Monday: Mint Green.

I love mint green. I can't get enough of it. And its EVERYWHERE lately.
Here's some nice inspirational minty pictures.

I want those pretty minty walls and the beautiful green bed frames and the cute fan. Basically I want this whole room. But I only really need one bed. :)

I WILL make these cupcakes. Someday.

I'm not really sure how to make this wreath, but I will find out and make it. I love it.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Silhouettes, take two.

Since I haven't been working for the past week, I've had to fill my spare time with something, right? Like I said on my Inspiration Monday post, I am kind of obsessed with silhouettes. Just the word itself is pretty. Silhouette. Ah. Anyway.

I had this bright idea a while ago and never got to actually doing it. Until yesterday. See here we have a lovely giant paper bag. Its hard to tell because I use my phone as a camera [long story, don't make me explain myself], but I traced the size of the frame I am using onto the paper bag. And then I cut it. E-Z.

Then, after lots of google-ing and sketching, I came up with Henry and Margaret. I loved the funky flower/hat thing on Margaret's head. And I thought Henry's pipe was pretty classy. And I'm all about class. So it was settled. I sketched them onto the paper bag.

Next, I very carefully painted the outline of the two. I was so nervous to mess it up. But I think I did alright.

I filled them in with just one coat. At first I really liked it, I thought they looked cool. But then they started to look incomplete. So before framing them, I added two more coats. Just your basic 'Vanilla' acrylic paint, by the way.

Finally I framed them. Don't they look so happy in their new homes? Lets be honest, Margaret looks a little annoyed. Maybe she's tired of Henry's smoke. Sorry Margaret. :)

Now onto my next project/a continuation of this project.

More silhouettes. At first I liked the idea of Henry and Margaret all alone on a wall, but then I thought it would be cool to add a few little guys to their scene. So I came up with a few more options. And I need to put it to a vote. Look through these simple designs. Which should I do? Just one more? All of them? A couple?

First I have these strange flowery/branchy things. I like the look, but I would probably adjust it a little bit... so I wouldn't use this EXACT picture.

A musical instrument? To demonstrate my lack of musical talent but my love for music itself? I mean, I could do a beautiful violin or a piano... I just don't know. Or both?

I really love this doe and I will probably make one whether or not anyone agrees with it. Not on colored paper, but this is the only google image I could find that was similar to the little deer I would want. :)

A chandelier? Is it overdone? Out of style? I don't know.

Lastly, a bird. I got this idea from my Gramma and reallllly love it. Maybe not this exact one, but its cute. Eh?

Monday, March 7, 2011

Inspiration Monday: Silhouettes!

I've been wanting to start this 'silhouette' project for a while now. But it involves a lot of searching for the perfect silhouette to freehand. I have this wonderful plan, which will be blogged about in the future. But right now I just need inspiration. And here we are on Inspiration Monday....

I got both of these images from Country Living. I love just searching their site. They have so many good ideas! I LOOOVE the variety of the frames in the top picture. Walls covered with frames definitely have a special place in my heart.

I also love the idea of painting silhouettes straight onto a wall in this lower picture. How neat! But I don't think we can paint our dorm room. In fact, I know we can't. So I will have to settle for my brilliant plan that is in progress but not yet revealed to the public. :)

So... how do you feel about silhouettes? Cool or creepy?

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Finally Finished!

A long time ago [September] I posted this picture on Facebook. I wanted to make something similar. I saw this on

So what do you know? I found a perfectly sized frame in my garage, knocked out the glass. Sanded it down and painted it. When I went to buy the wire for the inside, it came in a roll TWICE as big as I needed.

So I decided to make a gray one for Talicia. :) She will LOOOVE it.

I'm not going to put all my jewelry on it right now because I need to pack it up and ship it to the east coast, but I put some on it so you could see how nice it looks. Yay!

Coast to coast coasters...

Yesterday I was bored. Beyond bored. So I decided to clean my room. Which turned into me discovering tons of new crafts ideas. Which then turned into me making all the crafts.

I found an atlas from a couple years ago. And if you know me, I love maps. I LOVE maps.

So an idea popped into my head. I saw this idea in a magazine or blog or something and I can't remember exactly where. Anyway its coasters with maps on them. Ahhh. Genius. If I could put maps on everything I would.

So, after finding the atlas, I made a trip up to one of my favorite stores ever. Michael's.
I needed cork for the base of the coasters, modpodge and paint brushes [for the modpodge and some other projects :)]. I also busted out my scissors and a can to trace around.

I discovered quickly that the can was too small for a coaster. And that scissors do not cut cork well AT ALL.
So I found a better item to trace [the glass] and a straight edge blade. I cut out all the cork, then traced the maps onto them, modpodged [is that a word?] them on, and voila! Coast to coast coasters. :)

I made them out of some of my favorite places in the US. And I love them so much.

North Carolina. One Tree Hill fans out there? Wilmington? I've never been to North Carolina. I will soon, but 1/3 of my very best friends live there. Or are going to be living there. <3

Sweet Home Alabama. So many memories in this little circular coaster. Montgomery, Wetumpka, Auburn... this coaster makes my heart happy.

Washington. Does this need an explanation? Has anyone ever noticed how green Washington is on a map? Also, why is Eatonville on here, but Orting isn't? Rivalries don't just run deep in the south...

Another 1/3 of my best friends lives here. So much water. So pretty on a map. "Let's pack up and move to California. She's got lots of friends out there..." :)

This little section of Oregon probably holds some of my best memories. Cape Disappointment, Astoria, Seaside, Cannon Beach. I love love love it.

Nashville. No, I've never been there. But its #1 right now on my list of places I want to visit.

So much of my heart is in this circle. Who knew so many roads went in and out of Atlanta? ;) Ha, anyone who has ever driven anywhere near there knows how terrible driving is.

Lastly, my precious overcrowded bedroom. Like my space heater? My house gets cold. :)

Faithful Readers and First time Wanderers...

It's been a week. Almost. And I have so many almost-posts its not even funny.

But today... today my friends I went crafting crazy. No joke. My room is a disaster. I'm blogging from my bed because there is no where else to blog from! I am not kidding.

Every square inch of my floor has some sort of project taking up its space. Whether it's my little frame area, with an old sheet on the floor to catch paint drips... or the corner with a ginormous garbage bag filled with old papers I no longer need, there is no open space.

I really, really, REALLY wanted to post a real post tonight. With pictures and finished projects and what not. But sadly it just cannot be done.

I will, however, have a bright shiny new post with pictures and projects and paint and glue and scissors and baby chicks up tomorrow!! Sometime tomorrow... I will work really hard on it.

Sorry Katy. :)