Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lynchburg, Virginia. Home of the Flames.

As of last Wednesday, I am officially a student of Liberty University. Yay!

'How did this come about?' you might ask. Well, let me tell you! I love typing and stories and this story is going to take a bit of typing, so here it goes.

Throughout the last year, I have been considering and praying about a few different bible schools. One in Germany [ahh!], Seattle, online, California... none were really working out. The one in California wasn't accredited, but had mentioned some of their credits transfer to Liberty. There, seed planted. [And maybe more officially the seed was planted when someone from my church, Carol, took classes online at Liberty. And then Parker. And then Hope went there. But through all that it was just some school I didn't care about.]

So all these other ideas started fizzing out. I was about to make myself go to Pierce [boo!] when my very best friend called and started going on and on about her week. Which is typical, she tells me all about her week, then I tell her all about mine... its what happens when you don't live near each other. Anyway, she had gone with David and Farah to their new church where David is serving as the youth pastor. And, what band was playing and offering free applications to their school for anyone at church that night? Oh yeah, Liberty.

I was like, noooo way. I have been thinking about Liberty! So we talked more about it and what not, and I decided to apply. After a couple weeks of writing and rewriting my essay and praying that they didn't think I was lame for applying 4 years out of high school, I sent in the application. Just two weeks of praying and calling Liberty for every little question, I was accepted.

Now begins the financial process. Then the moving process. Then the get-back-into-school-and-homework-mode process. I'm definitely looking forward to it.

Just some things I am looking forward to about Being at liberty/on the East Coast.

Going to New York City. Never been. :) :) :)

School supplies. Yessss.

Liberty Football games at this beautiful field at dusk.

Washington DC. Never been there either. But shouldn't everyone go to their country's capital at least once??


  1. AH!!! So many things to say.

    First of all... HELLO are you not excited to being living near me???? Or driving across the country with me???? Because I'm pretty darn excited about those two things.

    Secondly, school supplies are awesome.

    Thirdly, can I go to NY and DC with you? Pretty please.

    Lastly and most importantly, I LOVE YOUR NEW UPDATED BLOG. Especially the cursive font titles! And the header!

  2. Ahh well let me respond in order :)

    First,YESS I am so excited to be living near you! And driving across the country! And I have exciting news about how all my stuff besides some clothes can be shipped there without putting it in your car. :)

    Second... I know! You can come school supply shopping with me if you want to. :)

    Thirdly, please do. Please please do.

    Lastly... thank you! You are so kind! Haha. :)