Friday, October 26, 2012

God knows me well and loves me so.

Every few months, I blog about how much of a failure I am at blogging. 

So my dear readers, I am a failure at blogging. And I'm sorry.

I do have some cool crafting ideas and a crafting party coming up, so I will update with pictures and what not.

Until then, I'll update you on why I'm not blogging. My summer was filled with adventure and excitement. I went to Haiti. I drove back and forth across the state multiple times. I worked at Abundant Life's summer camp for eight days. I had a family reunion/camping trip in Cle Elum and then went to Lummi Island with Aaron's family on Labor Day weekend.

I had no time to slow down between summer festivities and the start of my new job in September. I came home from Lummi and started working the very next morning. 

I have been blessed with a job that I love. It is so perfect for my life right now that there is no way I could have planned or even prayed for something this good. God knows me well and loves me so. 

This post is short and sweet, but I'll leave you with some pictures.
 These are a couple kids from my class on Fair Day. We did some face painting, obviously. And we have a husky fan... which I am a fan of.
 Our theme this week was creepy crawlers. Since I'm not a fan of REAL creepy crawlers, we made cute pipe cleaner spiders instead. :)

 At camp, I hung out in the sound booth everyday. Our campers practiced dramas all week that they performed at Summerfest in the Orting Park that weekend. I played and replayed and replayed and REPLAYED the song for one of the groups while they practiced. It was very fun, and that coffee mug was my very best friend all week. :)

 Of course, Aaron and I made a trip to the bakery while we were in Cle Elum. It is ALMOST as cute as the Orting Bakery. 

Ah, the mountain in summer. Its already completely white again, no beautiful blue peeking out. But that's okay, I have this picture to remind me of its summer beauty.