Monday, February 14, 2011

Dorm Decor

I never really wanted to live in a dorm. I shared a bedroom from age 5-12, and that was plenty of time for me. At least until I get married.

But now that I know I will have to be in a dorm, and sharing space with TWO other people [ahh!], I'm a little excited. I don't have a problem sharing or getting along, but I just like things a certain way. Scratch that. I sound like a terrible and snooty person. I'm not, promise.

I just really like to come home to a neat and cozy space. Cleaned up, decorated, comfy, organized... all those things.

So obviously a roommate could effect any number of those things. Which I will just have to get over. So for now I am loving designing my space in the room!

[All the photos below are from various blogs on I am obsessed.]

I just love everything about this room. Obviously I won't have this much space, but this is kind of my go-to inspiration.

I want the top clock. Or something very similar.

I don't know if I would want so much stuff displayed, but I like how this is done. Very neat straight lines. I have tons of pretty cards and letters and pictures that I want to somehow put up. And I love this.

Lastly how amazing would it be to make a teacup lamp for above my desk?? I am going to do it. I have to.


  1. That lamp is amazing. You need it.

  2. How do you cut holes in the bottom of teacups???? I love it!

    I've seen the same sort of cluster lamp thing done with small mason jars. The light bulb is in the jar and you just cut a hole in the lid.

  3. Kelsey- antiquing soon to look for teacups?? :)