Tuesday, May 31, 2011

UPDATE: Complete with pictures. :)

As promised, I am updating my blog with some more pictures. Again, only phone quality, but seriously... what are you going to do about it?

First up... working at the school. Just a taste of my morning last week. Typing up a list of addresses with my white chocolate americano and a view of the front lawn of OHS. LOVE it.
This next picture is really two in one. First... the pallet shelves. I love them. And am making them for my new house. Because my dad has an unending pile of pallets at his work that I get for FREE. :)

Second... have you heard of Pinterest? It is just about the coolest website/app out there right now. You can tag any picture on the website and sort it into 'boards'. Like a home inspiration, style, DIY... etc. It is so addicting and amazing.
Check out my 'pins' at pinterest.com/meaganmaki

Thirdly... my 'side' of fruit at Little Cheerful in Bellingham. It was AMAZING. Except I didn't eat the cantaloupe because it makes my lips and throat go numb. Not good.

Lastly, my collection of kitchen-y things that I started packing for the new house. Yay!! Soon soon SOON I will be posting pictures from the new house. BE EXCITED. :)
Super short and sweet and to the point.

Friday, May 27, 2011

What the hail?

No really, its hailing right now. Thankfully I'm nice and cozy indoors with my coke zero and h&m sweater. Others may complain, but I love rainy spring days. I've said it before and I will say it again... true Washingtonian right here.

ANYWAY... its obvious that once again I have failed as a blogger. I let yet another month go buy without even the teeniest, tiniest post. But I have good reasons. Great reasons actually. I've been making coffee, working at the high school, doing YoungLife and hiking every chance in between.

Fox Hollow is seriously wonderful. As a barista, it continues to amaze me how little my job has to do with making coffee and how much it has to do with relationships. At Starbucks and Forza, the job was so fast paced that it was hard to authentically interact with customers. It's like constantly being on stage... cheery and outgoing, but no real depth. At Fox Hollow it is much more laid back. While I pray continually that business picks up, its still pretty slow and we have lots of time to really get to know customers. And gosh, do we have amazing customers.

People battling cancer, children battling cancer. People who have lost jobs, houses and family members. People with passions for students, dog parks and hiking. Mechanics, entrepreneurs, pastors, students, teachers, moms, grandparents, restaurant owners, bikers and bicyclists [not to be confused with one another :)], hikers, runners, coaches, hair stylists, bus drivers... the list goes on. Some of them I am able to encourage, and all end up encouraging me. It sounds cheesy, I know. But their stories amaze me daily.

I could go on forever about our customers. But instead, come in... get some coffee and hang out. :)

I've also been working at the high school, which I love more and more everyday. Since I am going to school to be a high school counselor [or middle school? or elementary?], I started volunteering at my old high school. I am getting a TON of hands on experience working with students and other counselors, on top of building my resume. :) I talk with seniors who are endanger of failing a class they need to graduate [not the fun part, but still part of the job]. I discuss other seniors plans after graduation [so interesting to hear all the different plans!]. I spend time with the other counselors, listening in on meetings with parents, students and staff... discussing running start, problems at home and school politics. I really love it all.

Lets see... YoungLife. I tried it once and swore I would never be a YoungLife leader again. I know it sounds harsh, but it was a terrible experience. Students, leaders, everything. No need to go into detail, but I was SO over it and never going back. Fast forward almost 4 years... here I am again. Its funny how when you tell God that you never want to do something/go somewhere/talk to someone, He right away reminds you who is really in charge. But I am so so so thankful! Through my friend Jordyn, I met Heide, the YoungLife leader in Orting. [Did I also mention that I told God I didn't want to be back in Orting ever again? Ha... ha... ha......] Jordyn met Heide through our college pastor and introduced her to me while I was making coffee one day. I made her a white chocolate americano and we became best friends. Okay, not really. But she did say I should come be a YoungLife leader. Yeah, good joke, I thought. I told her I'd check it out but I do not give into peer pressure [true statement]. She laughed. I went to check it out. Now I am stuck doing it again. ;)

There's more to the story, and I really love the Orting kids. And Orting YoungLife. And Heide! I am so thankful that God placed her in my life. His timing is PERFECT. As always. Shoulda known, right? Hah.

Is this post weird because it has no pictures and lots of words? Sorry. If you don't like reading, come back in a couple weeks. I might have pictures. ;)

Moving on... hiking. How many more things can I claim to love in one blog post? One more? Okay good because I LOVE HIKING. Best way to exercise EVER. Doesn't really even feel like regular exercising until the day after when you can't move your legs. Okay, just joking. But I really do love hiking. Mt. Peak has been conquered. Sarah, Mary and I are moving onto Mt. Si. And about 18367 other trails found in a 1980's hiking book one of our loyal customers at the Hollow let me borrow. I am so extremely excited and will most definitely post pictures soon!

I feel like this post has been a little high energy. Maybe its the coke zero? Oh well, until next time, have a lovely day!