Saturday, February 20, 2010

mt. bachelor

I didn't die! I skiied down the hill, never crashed. I did fall over a couple times, but it wasn't a 'crash'. I'm pretty much a pro.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Caffiene Free February... ahhh.

I pretty much fail at blog writing. I always forget to update or just get bored. Or have other things I would rather do. Anyways here is a little update. The first of 2010, actually.

My classes are cool. They are really easy, just basic classes. I am excited for something a little more challenging. But its cool for now. I am actually trying to plan my spring quarter, but I don't want it to be too crazy since I will be going to California, being in a wedding and it will be spring. Who wants to do school in spring? No one.

I am still deciding what I want to do. School-wise. I really enjoy two things: planning and teaching. So teacher obviously. But I would also enjoy event and wedding planning. Katy and I are getting a taste of what that is like. A small taste [we are planning a Bridal Shower], but it is something I REALLY really like.

My job is pretty much amazing. I get to take naps everyday if I want. I usually choose to go on my computer instead. But Brody is a funny kid. He's pretty cute, and seriously like I said before, I can nap! [During his naptime of course].

I also nanny for another family with two kids, Brevik and Maelee. They are fun too. Brev is 3, and he is pretty crazy and asks a lot of questions. Definitely keeps me on my toes. Mae is only 1 and she is the most calm baby I have ever seen. She just chills. If she wants something, she crawls or walks to it. She never cries. Its amazing.

Next weekend I am going to Sunriver, Oregon and learning to ski. Yes, ski. I am REALLY excited. I realized I have said that a lot about a lot of things, but I am. We are taking the high schoolers for winter camp, and one of the girls in my small group has extra skis. Amazing, I know.

In March I am either watching Brev and Mae for a week straight [overnight and all], or going to California. It just depends on if the parent sdecide to go wherever they are going. I wouldn't mind either way. I would loveee going to California [to see Katy, obviously], but the pay for nannying for a week straight is kind of exciting. :)

There ya go.