Sunday, August 28, 2011

First week of school!

I started my first week of classes today. As expected, it was PACKED. I did a lot of reading, watched a lot of videos and podcasts, and did some more reading. But I got everything done on time and only missed 2 questions on each of my quizzes!

We also had some beautiful nights this week. I snapped this picture on my way somewhere out of town. The colors make me so excited for football season! [WAR EAGLE!] :)

Lastly, my wonderful cousins Bri and Jami, and Bri's baby Leighton came down to Fox Hollow on Thursday! Leighton is the sweetest and newest member of our family. We were trying to get her to laugh and she was giving Jami the sideways eyes. :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

and the days go by...

Two things are keeping me from blogging consistently.

The first one is really simple, I don't have Internet at home. I'm not about to make a trip to Fox Hollow JUST to blog. Then I get writer's block and think everything I say is dumb.

The second one is that I literally do not have enough time. At all. I used to want to have a famous blog. How sweet would it be to blog all the time, and that be your job. Designing your blog, writing, taking pictures, talking to people all over the country... all from the comforts of your own home. I've come to the realization that famous blog writing is not in God's Will for me. :) Oh well.

That doesn't mean I won't blog anymore, I just won't really worry about it.

And that's okay, because you should see my fall line-up...

Opening at Fox Hollow. Volunteering at OHS in the counseling center [my favorite part of the day!!]. Work at the Business Solutions Center [learning how to run a small business, entrepreneurship, being able to pay my rent...]. Online classes at Liberty.

Did I mention that little schedule is 5 days a week? On top of that, I'll still be volunteering with YoungLife and at Calvary with their high school students. God has put high school kids on my heart for a reason. And I seriously can't ignore it.

So basically this post is to ask for prayer. Because if I'm not blogging, it means I'm doing all that crazy stuff with my time. And sleeping in between.

Here's a little bit of stuff from the past couple weeks...

I finally got around to getting a few NEEDED items for my house. A silverware organizer, hose and nozzle, tupperware, salad things [what are those called?] and... A SHOWER CURTAIN! :)

My WONDERFUL friends Justin and Heide gave us a firepit! So my dad brought over some pallets and we had a nice little fire in the backyard with our friends. Maybe someday when I'm not working we can do it again! :)

[Can I go on a tangent and say that I am SO THANKFUL and GRATEFUL for the people God has placed in my life? Okay good... I am SO THANKFUL and GRATEFUL for the people God has placed in my life. :)]

Lastly, it was my friend Carissa's birthday last weekend. She is allergic to gluten. Yes, yes... what a terrible thing, right? Well... wrong. I made these delicious gluten free cupcakes! They tasted great and the only thing I noticed was a slight difference in the texture. It was more like cornbread than cake. But it was good!

That is all for now my blog-reading friends and family. I'll try to keep you updated. :)