Monday, September 27, 2010


Apparently its now 'apple season.' Living in Washington, I thought every season was apple season. Who knew?
I want to make something with apples in the next couple days. Any suggestions?
Apple crisp? Apple sauce? Apple cider? Caramel apples? Apple scones?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A few of my favorite things: Old Stuff!

Last night, I thought I would tackle cleaning the garage. I had no plans, and I had today off [kind of], so it was the perfect night. I'd been working out there for a few weeks painting a dresser that STILL isn't finished. I don't know how. Its weird. Anyway...
I took this ugly color but cool shape lamp out there to paint, and bam! Knocked it off the chair and onto the concrete floor... smashing it into a million pieces. After I went inside and cried a little, I went back out to clean up the mess. I am so thankful I did, because while I was cleaning a stumbled upon a box. Filled with books. My absolute favorite thing in the world.

And not only were they books, they were OLD books. I haven't looked at all the dates, but they are up there.

Among these books were two Bibles. One that was my great grandma's. It said her name inside the cover, and had a few little notes written in a half-English, half something else language. It is so fascinating! The other is this one, my grandma on my mom's side. She past away when my mom was a little kid, so anything that belongs to her is so interesting to me. It was given to her by HER grandma! So cool.

The pages smell amazing. Inside I found a pressed leaf, a Christmas tag to my grandma and grandpa and....

A letter!! I couldn't believe it. Both my grandparents on my mom's passed away a long time ago. My grandpa when I was only 5, so I barely knew him. It is so weird to read a letter from my grandpa to my grandma.

Its dated June 16, 1957.

I also found a box filled with old pictures. Some were as new as when Jarvis was a baby, but still... that's almost 20 years old. :)

The older ones, from when my mom and aunt and uncles were little, are mostly black and white [some color] and have these pretty white edges. This one is one of my favorites; My Aunt DeAnn, Uncle Tom, Grandma and Uncle Doug.

Friday, September 17, 2010

I might be in love.

So yesterday, while reading a few blogs, I fell in love with this really cool screen. It was and old wooden window screen that was fixed to hold jewelry. I am still in love with it. Check out That House On the Corner for the Jewelry Window inspiration. :)
Anyway, I searched the afternoon away... craigslist, the Home Depot website, some shops in Puyallup. No screen. Such a sad day.
I decided on a new idea for the screen in case I don't find a window, AND I did find something I really wanted and loved...

These two chairs. Ah. I love them.

To fit these chairs in my room, I decided to take out my desk, which was really a dining room table. It was huge and good for working, but I never used it. It just collected jewelry [hence my need for the jewelry window!!], clothes and dust. To top it off, it was black. Which made my room seem much darker. So I'm going to think of something else to do with it, and save it for when I have my own house. :)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Where have I been? Let me tell you!

So what have I been up to besides not blogging?
First off let me say that I am so excited for the day I can get a new computer. While I am so extremely thankful for the one I have [Thank you Sara! :)], I will be so happy when my camera will once again connect to my computer.
Maybe its because Apple here is so old, I don't know, but she absolutely WILL NOT recognize my camera as anything. Just won't show up when I plug it in. Sad day.
So until that day I must upload from my phone, which is not as cool or as pretty, oh well. :)

So I bought these letters from JoAnn Fabrics [LOVE THAT PLACE]. They were each $1 off, so it was about $5 for both of them. M & M... Meagan Maki. Or Meagan Marie. Or Marvelous Mastermind, I don't know. Whatever you want MM to be... that's what it is.

I then spray painted them white, and have them sitting on my desk for decoration. I plan to put them on my shelf, when I get a new one. :) Mine right now is way too full!

I also made these cool cupcakes. Homemade fondant Mario cupcakes. Delicious if I do say so myself. [You can ask Savanah or Andy or my Mom or Jarvis... they would all agree! :)] It took me a while but it was fun and I had the spare time.

Lastly, but actually firstly because I did this before I made the letters or the cupcakes, I taught/am still teaching Brody how to eat with a fork. Yup, little man is growing up! And the best part about him eating with a fork? HE LOVES IT, and he eats ALL his food.
The boy has always been a picky eater. Ever since I've known him, he's just like his nanny. :)
Anyway, when I cooked his lunch and helped him eat with a fork last week, he ate every bite! I was so happy and he was happy/confused at why I was happy. But it was a good moment. Ha! :)