Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ancient skies and hurricanes.

Well let me first begin with this: I prepared really cool images for this post and then realized that I am either Mac impaired or the iPad won't let me post pictures on here. That being said, please still read my post. It's still good without pictures. :)

Now. I am not one of those people who can find cool music before it's cool. I wish, but no. I am the person who likes music aft it's already been cool and everyone is over it. Oh well. I have been stuck on the following bands/musicians/tunes for a bit and I love them so much, I can't possibly keep it all to myself! So whether you know them or love them or hate them.... here it goes:

Jon Foreman/ Switchfoot
I've known Switchfoot for quite some time, but I am so in love with their newest album, 'Hello Hurricane.' my favorite song is probably Sing it Out. So beautiful. I also recently (I said I am behind the times) fell in love with the lead singers solo stuff. I literally cannot get enough of Foreman's songs. They stick with me all day. My favorites: White As Snow, Soebody's Baby and House Of God, Forever.

I have kind of ehh-ed NEEDTOBREATHE in the past. I have liked a few songs but never really gotten into them. But then I heard 'These Hard Times' and found my love for them. Also they are opening up for Taylor Swift on her Speak Now tour... so.... yeah. Love them as well.

Gungor/Michael Gungor Band
I am stuck on Ancient Skies, You Have Me and We Will Run. All three are wonderful.

So, there's my latest musical obsessions. To my 3 readers (haha), what are you listening to?

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