Monday, November 5, 2012

continued thankfulness

Did you think from my last post that I was going to post everyday? Gotcha!

I am very thankful that I am too busy to blog everyday. Is that okay to be thankful for?

I'm thankful that my mornings are busy pouring cereal and refereeing foursquare and mushroom ball. (I may not understand their rules these days, because they have changed since I was in elementary... but I love spending mornings with those kiddos.)

I'm thankful that my days are filled with friends... coffee dates spent learning and growing and enjoying these friendships are the best.

I'm thankful that my days are also filled with office time. Being a natural organizer/recorder, I love spending time filing and scheduling and planning.

I'm thankful that my afternoons are spent with sweet kindergarteners and first graders. I get to teach them to tie their shoes, resolve conflict (ALL THE TIME) and most importantly I get to show them how God loves them... not just in my actions and interactions but I can actually bust out my Bible (or their kid's Bible) and read. Ah, private school. :)

All of these daily activities make me even more thankful for the days that I can sit down and relax. And blog. And sip coffee for the taste and not just for the energy. You know those kind of days? Maybe you don't, but they are nice. And I am thankful for them.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

day one of thankfulness... orting.

I could start an entire new blog that just chronicles my thankfulness day-to-day.
With that being said, I'm giving in to the stereotypical 'thankful' posts this November.

Today I am especially thankful for my sweet town. No one can convince me that they live in a more beautiful place than I do. I am continually amazed at the beauty of God's creation in the PNW, and especially in Orting. 

Take a moment to look at what us Ortingites... is that right?... get to see everyday. 

 Blue skies, gray skies... it is always beautiful here. 

And let me tell you, the beauty of our surroundings is only a small part of what makes Orting so great. 

I have traveled the country, and seen a little bit of the world, but I am so thankful that God brought me back to my hometown. I love being a part of this community... knowing everyone in town, going to each of the little festivals in town (there are so many!), running on the trail, joining the entire population at the high school football games... its all so good. 
 I'm not sure if we have some sort of special bond because we all chose to live under an active volcano or what, but the people in Orting actually act like a community. I love it.
If you haven't been to Orting, you're missing out. It's a gem. And I am thankful.