Monday, September 30, 2013

Pumpkins, a flood and a baby.

September is ending with a bang. And a flood. And a baby. Let me explain.

I went into this weekend with very high expectations. Friday was to be a night of rest, movies, blankets and coffee with my husband. WRONG. We got called in to work at the Tacoma Dome for the booster club. Life of a band director's wife, I guess.

So instead of snuggling up on the couch, we spent the evening pouring beer and handing off pizza to crazed country music fans. My pants were soaked with beer, because the tap at my register was broken. And I wore flats, which filled with beer multiple times. AND I missed dinner. At midnight, while helping count all eight tills at our stand, I saw over 20,000 in cash. Never in my life have I seen that much money at once. Also, we broke our previous record (and Tacoma Dome record) of 18,000. The booster club gets 10% of all food sales, and 8% of all alcohol sales. In the end, they needed us at that show, and it will be good to see that check go to work for the band program.
At least I put my boots to good use this weekend. I didn't take many photos at the pumpkin patch because, rain and an iPhone don't mix well. But this was the flooded entrance to the ATM at the patch.
I was looking forward to the opening day at the pumpkin patch, which also was the beginning of a super storm in western Washington. Go figure. We still braved the rain and got plenty of beautiful pumpkins for our cottage. After the pumpkin patch, Aaron gave in to my very favorite fall activity, storm watching. The rivers were supposed to flood, so we drove around our town, over every bridge looking at how high the muddy water was rising. With coffee in hand, obviously. It was perfect. We also got to reschedule our comfy stay-in night for Saturday... so it was a win-win. 

Our cozy night-in on Saturday. Homemade kettle corn, wool socks, blankets, Aaron and blu-rays.

At about 3:45am on Saturday, I was fast asleep. Do you have an iPhone? You know how loud it is on vibrate? Times that by two (mine and Aaron's phones), and then times that by at least a dozen. That is the amount at texts that came streaming in, one after another, at 4am. BUT they were great texts! Our cousin Sarah went into labor, which meant our sweet cousin/nephew would be born SOON. Throughout all of our activities and errands on Sunday, we eagerly checked our phones for any baby news. We mostly just got silly texts about the baby being named after just about every male in the family. 

Aaron headed out to the Sounders game, and Talicia and I braved the storm in wellies and sweats to get dinner. This weekend was seriously shaping up to be awesome. Especially after the letdown Friday night. When Aaron got home, the baby STILL wasn't born. We were just about asleep, with the crazy rain coming down outside and the lights flickering on and off, when we got the call. Sweet baby Sèamus Aksel Ward was finally here! If only he weren't all the way in California! 

8lbs 8oz, 20 inches of pure adorable-ness.

I only stared at his picture for 45 minutes before I finally went to sleep, and early this morning we were awoken by yet another phone call! Apparently the power had gone out for good, and Aaron's school was starting 2 hours late. Woo! Extra sleep. An hour later, school was closed for the day. Ten minutes later, the power came back on. It was an unfortunate call for the school district to make, but how were they supposed to know the power would come back on so soon? I'm totally okay with them calling it! 

Fall is here, we're prepared for more storms, and our family has grown! 
So, bring it on October. We're ready for whatever is in store!


  1. Yaya. Man I want a no school no power day!!

  2. i want to hold him so bad. all day sunday i was like "hey what are you doing today? one of my best friends is bringing a human being into the world, so whatever you're doing really isn't as amazing as that." haha i didn't make many friends.

    1. Hahaha! All day I was checking my phone like crazy. And I kept saying, "Calm down Meagan, you're not the one having the baby. I'm sure Ru and Sarah are WAAAAAY more eager to see this baby." Still. I can't wait to see him!

  3. A weekend of punkins, the vegetable and human variety. I am claiming him for the family on this end too, he's so darn cute we all have to share.