Friday, September 6, 2013


Every year, Aaron's family goes to Lummi for a long Labor Day weekend. This year was the second time I got to go. The first was as Aaron's girlfriend, and this time as his wife! 

So here's our trip through various instagram lenses. 

The drive up was CRAZY. It rained so much and so hard.We didn't hit any traffic until the rain started in. Thankfully it cleared up by the time we reached the island.

I took a picture of this sign last year. I remember being so excited to finally get there. I was even more excited this year!

We eat a lot of delicious food at Lummi. And play a lot of board games. And lounge on the beach. A lot. So this year, Sophia, Taylor and I kicked off the weekend with a hike. 
It. Was. Beautiful.

The view from the top was perfect. You could see a slight layer of fog on the water. I love when a hike has a rewarding view at the top.

From the yard and dining hall at camp, there is a beautiful view of Mt. Baker.

And again from the beach below. I usually have the thought, "Is this real?" while at Lummi.

One tradition that I love is picking blackberries. We load up and drive to a big field lined with blackberry brambles. We pick until we can't tell if it is blackberry juice or blood on our fingers. I know that sounds gross. I'm sorry. But blackberry picking is serious business. 

Then Aaron's mom makes a delicious blackberry cobbler back at camp.

This year, as we were getting ready to leave the blackberry picking field, William wanted to play hide and seek. He knew his sweatshirt was green and blended in, but his hair gave him away. ;)

We also decided to take on a project that would benefit camp. We considered fixing some doors in the bathrooms, but ended on building a new firepit. Aaron's grandpa Larry figured out the dimensions and number of bricks we would need, which was GREAT. (Except for the whole loading-a-hundred-18-pound-bricks-onto-a-cart-and-then-into-the-car in the pouring rain thing. But we survived.)

And this beautiful firepit was the result! We filled the bottom of the pit with rocks from the beach, and sang camp songs at the first official fire.

Sophia, Claire and I decorated the chalkboard outside the bathrooms. (Of course I was part of a project that included a chalkboard.) Sophia did the starfish and Claire did the awesome 3D work on the writing. Did I mention Claire is only 10? And her dad is a graphic designer? I wonder where she gets it??

As I mentioned before, we eat at Lummi. And we eat well. Homemade cinnamon rolls and homemade pizza, farm fresh corn and green beans with burgers, fresh salmon (or at least we ATTEMPTED... there was a little mishap with Bev. The clerk at the only grocery store on the island gave us her number. She promised 6 fresh caught fish for our dinner, but the boat came in a little later than we planned on eating. So now we have fresh salmon in our freezer. An entire fresh salmon. Eyes and all.) and rice, homemade cobbler... Lummi is pretty delicious.

Our last campfire was filled with marshmallows and lots of laughter. That sounds super cheesy and I'm sorry but its true. Aaron decided to use a huge wooden plank to roast his mallows. William was in a fit of hilarity and led us multiple camp songs, complete with motions, and at the top of his little five-year-old lungs. 

When we left, I had to snap a photo of the sign. How perfect and woodsy is it?


  1. I l-l-l-love this! Lummi sounds like paradise. Did I mention stalking your instagram is so fun? :)

  2. Replies
    1. We already started the instragram hashtag for next year. CANNOT WAIT! #lummi2014 #holdingbabywardfordays ;)

  3. Sounds like you had a great trip!! Lummi looks like a lot of fun, I'll have to get out a map so I can figure out where it is!(I haven't heard of it before). Also I LOVE the chalkboard!!

    1. Lummi is an island up north. You can take a ferry from just outside of Bellingham. It's BEAUTIFUL!

  4. Replies
    1. It is one of my favorite things about Lummi! :)