Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Inspiration Tuesday: Routines

Fall is here, and the craziness of summer is over. I do love the leaves, the weather and everything pumpkin flavored, but my favorite part about fall is getting back into normal routines. And my inspiration this week, while I am continuing to work on our fall decor (more soon, I promise!) is to get back into some old routines. This is actually inspiration for forever, not just this week. :)

Friday, I started back up with school work (boo!). It is really hard to study the 'fundamentals of education' when you aren't working in a classroom. I've also discovered that it is really hard for me personally to study when there are other things around the house I could be doing. Like dishes. Or laundry. Or watching Gossip Girl. Or spraying the house for spiders. All of which I've done today, instead of studying. But anyway.

The routine of schoolwork starting back up in September has been normal for me since I was five. How have I been in school so long and still not gotten my degree, you ask? Because I take a lot of breaks. My life is fun. School isn't my number one priority. Except when it is. Like this season of my life. 

This is not how Friday nights should be spent. But, someday I MIGHT be glad I did it. No guarantees.

However, that is NOT the routine I'm inspired to get back into. I mean, I'm doing it because I'm paying for it and because someday I want to do something other than watch other peoples' kids. Like teach other peoples' kids. Or watch my own kids. Or teach my kids. Moving on.

I have always loved fitness. Sports, meh. But physical fitness... I'm all for it. Aaron might make fun of me for bragging about multiple 'PE Student of the Month' awards I have in my high school portfolio, but only one athletic letter award. I like to be active, but I don't like games. I'm competetive in EVERYTHING in my life except sports. I was the kid who loved practices. My teammates would be so upset over a lost game and I'd be like, "I wonder if my mom will drive me to school tomorrow instead of making me take the bus." No kidding. So, moving on.

 I like to run (most of the time). I like to lift weights. I like to ride my bike and hike and swim. My goal is to do some sort of physical fitness activity each day. I'm not going to be so hardcore that after a crazy day I'm running miles in the dark rain. I don't hate sleep. But I have much more time than I think about to make fitness a priority and a part of my daily routine.

Ruff Fitness. Our living room. Sunday afternoon.

It doesn't hurt that a ton of my family is planning to run Bloomsday in Spokane in May. And yes, it's 221 days away, but I don't want to be the slowest one in the family. :)


  1. You should do a mud run with my Aunt Kari and I sometime!
    I'm actually doing a 5k Mud Run in Sumner on Sunday called Mud Factor :)

    1. The only problem with that is that I don't really like to get dirty. Haha. I barely put up with sweating. But I could try it!

  2. Blah, to school work on a Friday, but yay to working out!!!

  3. All that school work will be worth it once you graduate an get to put it to use!! Love the PE awards! I'm like you so not competitive in sports. Haha.

  4. I wish I had your motivation!!!
    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle