Friday, September 27, 2013

Happy Friday!

Hey blogging world. Or blog reading world. Happy Friday!
This week, and actually the last couple weeks, have been pretty crazy for the Ruff house. Between job searching and nannying and major school-work, plus Aaron's 17,271 students this year crammed into 5 class periods and his new found hobby of soccer refereeing... we're pretty busy.

This morning I attempted to take my final exam for 'Foundations of Education', but halfway through the test, the proctoring site kicked me out and informed me that my computer is no longer compatible with their system. Why did they let me begin the test? Who knows. 

So to kick my frustration, I'm posting a Five on Friday for the second week in a row! Read, join in and HAPPY FRIDAY!


In the interest of growing my blog and trying to make it legitimately entertaining to read and keep up with, I made an 'about me' page last night. Blogger is funny about pages, and the way I think they should work is definitely NOT how the actually work. That's okay though, I made one just the same. I think I was delirious from studying for the previously mentioned final exam. It has a picture of Aaron and a lobster, so if you're interested... check it out. If not, that's cool too.
In case you skip the about me, I added this awkward family photo for you. We just wanted some family photos. Now we're material for a popular blog and a book on awkwardness. (PS- I love it.)

For my friends and followers in the PNW, where would you suggest going on an overnight trip? Aaron and I are planning on going somewhere for the weekend later in October, but we haven't figured out where to go. We were just in Portland, although we aren't opposed to a second trip. Where are some cool places you've stayed? 
The last time I was in Portland, I ate at Pine State Biscuits every day. (Two days). And I'd do it again.

My goal to do some sort of physical activity each day is going well. Our gym membership is back up and running, and I forgot how much I love our gym. Yesterday, my physical activity was toting around a two-year-old, including multiple trips upstairs and downstairs. That counts, right? She isn't light.
Grace, disapproving that I've said carrying her is a work out. Sorry Gracey!

Grace, after I've apologized. She forgave me.

For as long as I can remember, my family has made fun of me for always wanting to paint and re-purpose things. To their major disbelief, that actually became a real thing. People started up 'junk shows' with cool vintage treasures and re-purposed furniture. I've been to a few shows, but I am getting really excited for the Junk Salvation show coming here in November.
I'm definitely saving my spare change. 
Last spring I went to the Farm Chicks junk show in Spokane, which was INSANE and AWESOME. We spent the entire day shopping and browsing and making our plan of attack for Farm Chicks 2014.

I am in serious need of coffee right now. And since we already made french press today, and our regular coffee pot bit the dust, I think I'll throw on my boots and walk to my favorite coffee stand. I love life in the PNW. And I love coffee. 
Me, last spring, taking a creeper picture of myself at Starbucks inside Target. It happens.

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  1. I'm a bit sad at the fact that you get to walk to said favorite coffee shop right meow. If I could I would roll this office chair there to meet you. but I cant. so enjoy it for me:) love your posts and you awkward family photo. Where do we submit that?

    1. No seriously, I should submit it!

    2. And the fact that it's a professional photo... ahaha. Insert laughing with tears emoji right here.


    Just saying.............

  3. Stay at the Inn at Discovery Coast. They deliver breakfast baskets to your room in the morning. They also have bikes you can borrow and they're right next to an awesome trail that follows the beach. Get some cheesy bread from Chico's. Go Hiking at Cape Disappointment State Park. Rain or shine it is beautiful.

    Also, carrying a toddler up and down stairs is definitely a workout.