Sunday, October 6, 2013

What The Walking Dead and Taylor Swift have to do with being a newlywed

Today Aaron and I have been married for three months. It seems like much longer in the best way possible!! I am looking forward to many, many more months and years, and also enjoying where we are right now.

If you have been following my '31 days of newlywed life' posts, you've noticed that I missed a day and half. But let me explain.

Part of newlywed life that I've learned over and over again is to be self-less. (Really that is a lesson for all of life, but I'll briefly explain how it pertains to newlywed life and ours in particular this weekend). These past three months I have learned (in huge doses) that part of being married is being self-less. 

 My own self wants to be at all the Sounders games with Aaron. And if I can't go, then I want Aaron to stay home and watch them with me. My own self wants to watch Gossip Girl just a little more than it wants to watch The Walking Dead. And my own self definitely wants to listen to Taylor Swift... a lot more than my own self gets to. My self wants to be with Aaron all the time and not share him with middle school students. Or high school students. Do you see how this is sounding ridiculous? 

Obviously no one is that selfish. Or maybe they are. But in being a newlywed, I learning to give up what I want in order to be a better wife. There are times where I have to completely give up something in order to meet a need we have (think shopping for clothes and/or crafts vs. paying extra on our student debt to pay it down faster) and times when we compromise so that Aaron and I are both happy, like listening to Jack Johnson instead of T-Swift in the car.

This weekend was another full weekend. I'll spare you the boring details, but I chose to spend the free time I had with Aaron instead of keeping up with my blogging. If that makes me a bad blogger and a failure at the 31 day challenge, so be it. I'm trying to be an awesome wife first.


  1. Just wanted to say Hi Megan. I am enjoying and appreciating your blog! Lisa Potts

  2. * eek so sorry spelling correction Meagan

  3. Your are so right. Marriage is all about compromise. Glad you had a fun weekend with your hubby!!!

  4. What a beautiful thing. Love it!

  5. Great post. Very true, Meagan. Sounds like the making of a successful marriage!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  6. These make remember 14 years ago; thinking thoughts from which I must dust mental cobwebs. They make me smile! I think you are going to love having this 14 years from now:) Love you and your observations of the newlywed days!