Friday, October 4, 2013

Nail polish, sister wives and praying for a snow day: Five on Friday

I am really loving these Five on Friday posts. They give me a chance to talk about 5 little things that I may not want to write an entire post about. Ya know?

So since I'm also doing the 31 days of newlywed life challenge, my five this week will pertain to my newlywed life. 


One of my favorite things is having freshly painted nails. One of Aaron's least favorite things is when I have freshly painted nails. He absolutely hates the smell. I mean, who loves it? I just deal with it because I love my nails to be painted. But while he is at work, I painted my nails a beautiful shade of red. I'll wash my hands 26 times before I see him this afternoon, and I'm sure the first thing he'll do is crinkle his nose and ask if I painted my nails. I'm sorry honey!


I've spent the past 10 months (since we got engaged) praying for a snow day this coming winter. First, because I love snow. And second because the thought of staying home snuggled up with my husband, venturing out only for coffee, sounds amazing. So I was as surprised and anyone when school was cancelled on Monday due to a short-lived power outage!
 We spent the morning sleeping in, then running errands in comfy clothes. We even went out to a little diner for a late, late breakfast. It was perfect. But I'm still praying for snow!

Yesterday was not my best day. Thursdays are CRAZY for us. We've got about 14 different things going on at any given moment. And none of them are together. After nannying and school and work and school board meetings and bible study, we got home to a mess of a house. I didn't even realize that our bed was covered in two loads of laundry. I planned on taking a picture and posting it of all of our laundry piled on the couch, showing my defeat. But I didn't. Does laundry multiply on its own?

One of my favorite things about being Aaron's wife is being able to support him and his band at different games and such. Tonight is his school's homecoming game, and I am pretty excited about going and watching them play. I graduated from the school he teaches at (waaay before he started teaching!) and the band was NEVER as cool as it is now. The pep band alone is 90 kids strong. 90?! In our tiny town? It is crazy.

I've been watching Sister Wives today while cleaning and blogging, and this show continues to blow my mind. Even more so now that I am married. The wives are continually saying, "I just struggle with jealously and I need to get past it." And I keep thinking, "Of course you do! Is it not obvious why?" It is one of those shows that I can't watch, but can't not watch. It fascinates me. Anyone else?

So go on and read some other five on Friday posts, and HAPPY FRIDAY!


  1. 1- Justin HATES the smell of nail polish too! HATES IT! ...and well usually I don't plan ahead which often leaves me in the position of painting my nails in the car on the way to wherever we are going. Talk about a "hotbox" of nail polish fumes. Fumes or Freeze... that's my motto ;P 2- I still love snow days and I am not even affected by them anymore. Seriously just a couple nights ago I walked into our bedroom from checking on Jarvis before heading to bed and was like "um babe? It's snowing outside." He was like "nu-huh!" And totally opened the curtain to look. Ha ha! October!!! 3- Yes Laundry multiplies! ...especially when you are not looking and turns into rabbits once you have kids. Be prepared, be very prepared. 4- I love how you emphasized "Way before he started teaching". Lol. 5- I have never seen it (we don't have cable) but I know the premise. And duh?! I would just love to know how they move past it. Seriously.

    1. I love all of that! And with laundry, I keep telling myself that. I'm like, "Someday I will wish for only this much laundry!" :) Also Sister Wives is on netflix so it's even worse! I can watch more in a shorter period of time without commercials! Ahh!

  2. I love that you got a no power day!! I want one of those too!! Also Aaron's sounders gear-holla!!! I am obsessed and fascinated with sister wives too. So crazy to think I having to schedule time to "sleep" with your husband, or to argue over who gets him on the night of his birthday!! Aahhhhh

    1. You're a Sounders fan too!?! How did we not know this? Also the Sister Wives thing.. I just cannot understand! There is no way!

  3. Nick hates the smell of nail polish and nail polish remover too. I felt like you were describing our situation to the T. I love Sisters Wives! I'm so intrigued by how it works. Have a great weekend!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  4. Uh yeah, I watch Sister Wives. I even DVR it. It's like watching a train wreck, you wanna look away but you're compelled to watch...xo