Sunday, March 20, 2011

New room!

My room was a disaster for the past couple weeks. Which is completely unlike me.
I like everything perfectly in its place, otherwise I literally don't sleep well.
But last week when I officially decided to stay in Washington right up until I leave for school, I had to fix up my room. Stacked books on my dresser had to go. Clothes needed to be put away. Extra sheets and bedding needed to go in my closet. It just had to happen.
When I was done I felt so good. I could sleep for days in my new room!

This is my jewelry frame. Which I have posted about before, but now its all set up. I love the color so much.

This is kind of my 'work-in-progress' corner. I still need to paint the crate white, and the frames inside of it need painting. And gluing.

This is my finished crate. :)
It has all the books that I will read this summer and that I want to take to school in August.

The inside of the unfinished crate is literally all junk. Stuff that has no other place or needs painting/fixing/whatever. But I make it look organized, of course. :)

This little tray is one of my favorite things. I got it at Value Village for 99 cents! I painted it and now its perfect for my little coast-to-coast coasters and M's and my favorite oil lamp!


  1. I love how all the jars still have their dinner party decorations.

    I love your super bargain tray.

    I love your oil lamp.

    I love your scale.

    I love your chair.

    I love your stack of books.