Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April showers...

Where have I been? What's new? Besides the fact that I am a failure as a blogger. A lot is new. Too much to explain in a little old blog. But I will upload some pictures to catch you up. :)

For Easter, Mom, Jarv and I went to Abundant Life for church and Around the Corner Cafe for lunch. It was such a sweet, rainy, Orting type of day. I loved it. Then mom and I watched some HP... you know, my fave. Lastly, we had dinner with my dad's side of the family at my aunt's house. Our family is always entertaining. :) ... we always have something to laugh about. My aunt gave me these BEAUTIFUL tulips that are getting prettier everyday. Time with family + rejoicing in the fact that Jesus is alive = a wonderful Easter.


The week before Easter, I watched Cole while Dad and Shawn went to South Dakota. This year, Orting's seniors put on a 'Senior Class Olympics'. Where the seniors went up against the staff in a variety of random events. It cost money, but it was for a good cause. And we got to enjoy the beautiful yet VERY cold view in the new stadium. Will I ever get used to the new field? I don't think so, but I will try. :)

Yup. Dayquill. Sickness sucks.
[But I loooove me some coffee too. :)]

My latest addiction, Greek vanilla yogurt with strawberries and granola. Summer in a bowl for sure.

Aww Millie. She was pretending to eat a donut that did NOT belong to her. :) She would get sooooo close to touching it, then snap her head back up in laughter. She is so precious!

Can you tell I'm enjoying having an iphone? I took about 297974 pictures of the sunset last night on my way to pick up Claire from ballet. The sky was gorgeous!!

I'll leave you with this sweet image. While at the dance studio, Miles climbed up there because it was 'so awesome'. Makes me think of my dad telling me he used to ride in the back window on car trips. Ha. DON'T WORRY. We were definitely parked, keys out of the ignition, in a secure parking space. :) Love that boy.

I'll try to be a better blogger now.



  1. I've only seen the new stadium from the highway. It looks so nice and so weird!

    Also, I feel like I told you to try Greek yogurt. Did that happen?

  2. Yes, don't neglect us bloggie people ;) Loved catching up!

  3. I love how you edited the photos in this post. Beautiful!

  4. Yes! I have been missing you...and inspiration Mondays :) I understand though... I too have a hard time updating.