Sunday, March 6, 2011

Coast to coast coasters...

Yesterday I was bored. Beyond bored. So I decided to clean my room. Which turned into me discovering tons of new crafts ideas. Which then turned into me making all the crafts.

I found an atlas from a couple years ago. And if you know me, I love maps. I LOVE maps.

So an idea popped into my head. I saw this idea in a magazine or blog or something and I can't remember exactly where. Anyway its coasters with maps on them. Ahhh. Genius. If I could put maps on everything I would.

So, after finding the atlas, I made a trip up to one of my favorite stores ever. Michael's.
I needed cork for the base of the coasters, modpodge and paint brushes [for the modpodge and some other projects :)]. I also busted out my scissors and a can to trace around.

I discovered quickly that the can was too small for a coaster. And that scissors do not cut cork well AT ALL.
So I found a better item to trace [the glass] and a straight edge blade. I cut out all the cork, then traced the maps onto them, modpodged [is that a word?] them on, and voila! Coast to coast coasters. :)

I made them out of some of my favorite places in the US. And I love them so much.

North Carolina. One Tree Hill fans out there? Wilmington? I've never been to North Carolina. I will soon, but 1/3 of my very best friends live there. Or are going to be living there. <3

Sweet Home Alabama. So many memories in this little circular coaster. Montgomery, Wetumpka, Auburn... this coaster makes my heart happy.

Washington. Does this need an explanation? Has anyone ever noticed how green Washington is on a map? Also, why is Eatonville on here, but Orting isn't? Rivalries don't just run deep in the south...

Another 1/3 of my best friends lives here. So much water. So pretty on a map. "Let's pack up and move to California. She's got lots of friends out there..." :)

This little section of Oregon probably holds some of my best memories. Cape Disappointment, Astoria, Seaside, Cannon Beach. I love love love it.

Nashville. No, I've never been there. But its #1 right now on my list of places I want to visit.

So much of my heart is in this circle. Who knew so many roads went in and out of Atlanta? ;) Ha, anyone who has ever driven anywhere near there knows how terrible driving is.

Lastly, my precious overcrowded bedroom. Like my space heater? My house gets cold. :)


  1. Oh my goodness. I love them! The ATL one actually kind of reminds me of a heart with the blue and red roads running out from the center.

  2. PS, are you going to seal them somehow?

  3. Podge*

    & ATL does kind of look like a heart! A real one.

  4. There needs to be one of Lynchburg, VA! :) Love you!