Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Silhouettes, take two.

Since I haven't been working for the past week, I've had to fill my spare time with something, right? Like I said on my Inspiration Monday post, I am kind of obsessed with silhouettes. Just the word itself is pretty. Silhouette. Ah. Anyway.

I had this bright idea a while ago and never got to actually doing it. Until yesterday. See here we have a lovely giant paper bag. Its hard to tell because I use my phone as a camera [long story, don't make me explain myself], but I traced the size of the frame I am using onto the paper bag. And then I cut it. E-Z.

Then, after lots of google-ing and sketching, I came up with Henry and Margaret. I loved the funky flower/hat thing on Margaret's head. And I thought Henry's pipe was pretty classy. And I'm all about class. So it was settled. I sketched them onto the paper bag.

Next, I very carefully painted the outline of the two. I was so nervous to mess it up. But I think I did alright.

I filled them in with just one coat. At first I really liked it, I thought they looked cool. But then they started to look incomplete. So before framing them, I added two more coats. Just your basic 'Vanilla' acrylic paint, by the way.

Finally I framed them. Don't they look so happy in their new homes? Lets be honest, Margaret looks a little annoyed. Maybe she's tired of Henry's smoke. Sorry Margaret. :)

Now onto my next project/a continuation of this project.

More silhouettes. At first I liked the idea of Henry and Margaret all alone on a wall, but then I thought it would be cool to add a few little guys to their scene. So I came up with a few more options. And I need to put it to a vote. Look through these simple designs. Which should I do? Just one more? All of them? A couple?

First I have these strange flowery/branchy things. I like the look, but I would probably adjust it a little bit... so I wouldn't use this EXACT picture.

A musical instrument? To demonstrate my lack of musical talent but my love for music itself? I mean, I could do a beautiful violin or a piano... I just don't know. Or both?

I really love this doe and I will probably make one whether or not anyone agrees with it. Not on colored paper, but this is the only google image I could find that was similar to the little deer I would want. :)

A chandelier? Is it overdone? Out of style? I don't know.

Lastly, a bird. I got this idea from my Gramma and reallllly love it. Maybe not this exact one, but its cute. Eh?


  1. I vote for all of them. I really can't choose.

    I didn't know you drew Henry and Margaret! I love their names, btw.

  2. If you are going to put this next silhouette next to the others, I would go with the branches or the piano. :) You are super talented my dear! :) When my little girl has some hair and can hold her head up I want to take a profile pic of her and paint her silhouette!

  3. I love that deer! And the man/woman silhouettes.