Monday, June 21, 2010


I never went to summer camp when I was in high school. My church always had it the same week in August, and I was always camping or on vacation.
So now that I am a leader, I am just as excited as the kids!
I drove myself to Jr. High camp this past weekend since I had to work. And after I got over the pass, it was BEAUTIFUL.
This picture is after I went through Wenatchee, looking back towards the Cascades. God is good!

At the campground, there was a hammock set up. I took advantage of that.

On Saturday, we went to SlideWaters in Lake Chelan. The boys insisted on being in the picture since it would turn into a Twitter update.

We made breakfast and lunch for all the kids, and ended up with a GIANT pile of sandwiches. Thats a lot of turkey, ham, peanut butter and jelly!!

The campground we stayed at had a huge field and the kids just ran around out there. Beyond those trees is the water. Ahh, so pretty!

Lastly, some of the girls brought stuff to make friendship bracelets, and I joined them to make a purple one to match my swimsuit!
The joys of camp!!


  1. I love hammocks! I want to put one in our extra bedroom since we have no room outside.

  2. That would be so sweet! I would sleep in it when I come to visit!

  3. Great fun!! I too love hammocks!