Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A little bit of my weekend. :)

Of all of the Napier's, I first met Daniel. I worked at Bethany and the children's coordinator introduced me to Daniel telling me, "Anything you need cut out or laminated, let me know and Daniel can do it!"
Besides getting art projects for Sunday School together, I also was [and still am] a high school leader, and Hope was in my small group. After a few months, I put two and two together, figuring out that Hope and Daniel were brother and sister. And that is when I found my second [or third, fourth maybe] family.
Hope continued to be in my small group until she graduated and we became great friends. Just by hanging out with Hope, I spent a lot of random time with Daniel, and their parents. [Who, by the way, are awesome.]
Hope went to bible school in Colorado and now their entire family is moving to the East Coast! Its sad for us in Washington, but exciting as well. Anyway, I will miss them a ton! My 'fake' sister and brother. ;)

This was at Daniel's 16th birthday BBQ this past weekend. It was really fun/funny, as this picture shows.
[Left to right: Ryan, Daniel, Alex and Derek.]

Hope and I wrote with sidewalk chalk in my garage after the BBQ, killing time until we figured out some adventure to go on. And this is what she wrote. So sweet! I will never erase it! Haha.

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