Wednesday, June 2, 2010

...and then there was one.

I can count on one hand the number of close friends I have from high school. The kind I still keep in touch with and hang out with. That is, when they are home in Washington.

After this week, it will be down to just me as far as girl friends go. Talicia is in the dirty south [I had to say it]. Katy is in So Cal. [Again, I am trying to make myself laugh because I am so sad my friends are gone.] And Kelsey will be on her way to good ol' North Carolina in a matter of HOURS. Yes hours.

This past week made me so happy. Katy was home, Kelsey was getting married, and I got to dress up 3 nights in a row! [Kelsey's wedding, by the way, was gorgeous. And beautiful. And wonderful. I will post pictures when I get some!]

Now the wedding is over, everyone is gone, I'm back to work as usual, and its in raining in true Washington fashion. I need to start saving for plane tickets. :)

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