Saturday, March 27, 2010

chill morning

Well Farah, that is Mt. Si. Its in North Bend, as I replied in the comments thing. But I wanted you to get a picture of it! I didn't go last weekend because I had a major allergy attack. Darn tree pollen. I'm hoping to try a smaller hike first earlier this spring, and then do that one in June when its nice and sunny!

Anyway, I am still in California.

I still love it.

Katy is at school, and I came with her. I am hanging out at Starbucks while she has her 'theory' class, then heading back over there for a facial. Ahh the benefits of friends in beauty school!

So California. Its sunny, and warm. Which... if it were any other year of my life, would be such a contrast to back home. But this year its been a BEAUTIFUL winter in Puyallup. Lots of sunshine and not a lot of rain. Surprising, I know. I am still shocked. I still have a feeling it will randomly snow in May. Its happened many times.

Anyway back to today.

I'm not sure what else we'll do, but those are the best kind of days.

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