Thursday, September 22, 2011


My years always start in September. January is cool for everyone else, but its just how I've always marked my years. Its probably because that's when I was born. Or because school always feels like the beginning of the year... who knows.

Something I am really thankful for is that I started blogging so long ago. Sure... my first posts from back in the day are little annoying. I cringe reading some of them, and laugh at others. My spelling mistakes are ridiculous. And the things I thought were funny or interesting are surely not. But having my blog is a cool way to watch how I've grown over the years.

My senior year in high school. I had my little teal Pontiac and a ton of classes with Mr. Tarry. 3 out of 5, actually. My very best friends were Katy and Talicia. I'm pretty sure Katy and I had all the same classes.

I lived in Alabama. I didn't blog a lot for two reasons, I had school and a job. It was my first job, at Starbucks, and I loved it. The beginning of my coffee career! I said something about not having that real 'home feeling'. I think that has something to do with that age and stage in life.

Ah, 2008. My first year of my twenties. I worked at Forza and made about 5,000 new friends. I spent my days making coffee and my nights running around Puyallup like we ran the place. This was also the September that my precious Pontiac got crushed. Not by my doing, of course!

September 2009: (I didn't have a blog post in that September, WEIRD)
Probably my hardest year thus far in my life. I lived in Georgia for half of the month. My new car was smashed, I got two annoying tickets, I was homesick... but I grew a lot. God used that time in my life to really strengthen my relationship with Him, and to learn to trust Him fully.

This was another slightly hectic year. I had been a full-time nanny for almost a year at this point, and was feeling like I had no social life. Spending 12 hours a day with two boys who cannot talk, and no other human interaction... was really taking a toll on me. But this is also when I started to really enjoy antiquing and crafting and baking. And I took full advantage of naptime by doing all those things while the boys slept!

So that brings us to the present. September 2011. My life is full of biking and coffee making and school and nannying and younglife. I love every minute of it. God has blessed me with amazing people to work and live with. I'm sure I'll have a better reflection of this September in a few years, when I have more time to process it all. ;)


  1. This is a good blog post. I love September.

  2. I, too, love this month because the weather cools down and I start putting pumpkin pie spice in a lot more baked goods and I can start wearing fall clothing!

    And I really really liked this September. It was the best, but I have a feeling that next September is going to be better.

    And Katy, your blog is so neglected. Be a better blog owner!