Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Thankfulness: Day Two.

Yesterday I didn't forget to post about thankfulness. I also didn't forget to be thankful. I was just really busy. :)
Anyway, the main and obvious thing I was thankful for on November 2nd was the right to vote. Of course I'm not a fan of all the political commercials, radio advertisements and phone calls [who does like that stuff?], there is something amazing about election day.
Maybe its because all the elections I've voted in have been SO CLOSE. Right this moment the Senate race in Washington is literally 50/50. Each vote counts. My little tiny vote could help push one canidate past the other. How cool is that?

Some other things I was thankful for yesterday:

-Growing up. Its so nice to run into old friends or teachers. I went to Community last night, the college group in our area, and ran into a friend I don't see/get to talk to often. It was a special night because they combined middle school, high school and college all together for one night. I'll admit the middle schoolers were a littler high energy for me, but it was fun. The middle school pastor at Calvary, Rob Mayer, who was also my PE teacher in 7th and 8th grade, was also there. Its so cool so see him investing in the little middle schoolers just like he used to do at OMS baaack in the day. :)

- Starbucks red cups. Enough said.


**I'll blog about my thankfulness for TODAY later on today. :)

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