Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Its the most wonderful time of the year...

I feel like I am at a weird age as far as Christmas presents go. Actually I feel like I am at a weird age for everything in life. But this is regarding Christmas presents, so yeah. [Thank you Katy for the inspiration.]
I am too old to write a letter to Santa asking for clothes and shoes and a pony.
But I am too young to have my own house/family so it'd be weird to ask for a blender or a couch or a new set of silverware.
Also, I really do have more than I need. And I'm not just saying that.
Anyway, after all of that, I do know ONE thing I would LIKE. A new computer. I have said before, my precious sweet Apple [her name, after Gwyneth and Chris' daughter] is getting up there. She was given to me because the computer I got for my graduation present 3.5 years ago got the blue screen of death. And while I love Apple, she does not usually like me. She refuses to recognize my camera. She does not have the capability to play videos at a regular speed. She has absolutely no programs besides Safari because she is just too old to run them. All in all, her time has come.
I really can deal with Apple. She is fine for internet alone. Not so much blogging, or videos like I said. But e-mail, facebook, checking the weather--GREAT!

[Sidenote: It is storming like crazy outside right now, and the boys are both peacefully asleep. It is like heaven on earth for me. The two things I love most in life. Naptime and storms. And blogging. Okay back to the post...]
I want a new computer for the reasons listed above, and for the following:
1. I am going to do school online.
2. I want something that is reliable/not going to crash when I have a paper due.
3. I want to have the latest word processing programs.
Easy enough. So I am asking my parents for money that is specifically for a new computer. I asked my brother too, but he said he is giving me a TV for Christmas. No joke. Love my brother. He is awesome. I haven't gotten a TV since I was in 7th grade. It weighed 75 pounds. It was an 18 inch tube TV. Yeah I'm a little excited. Sorry for the short sentences.
Now I will just have spend some time thinking of a new name for the computer when I get it. Apple Jr.? Baby Apple? Grape? Banana? We'll see.
Lastly, I didn't ask for anything, but Brody and Cam's parents are getting me a Christmas gift in the form of h&m. Yes they already told me. I guess they aren't much for surprises? Oh well.


  1. We should go to H&M! They just opened one in the Tacoma mall, didn't they?

  2. Yes, they most certainly did, Katy.

  3. They did! They also opened the BIGGEST forever 21 ever. Ever. EVER. I got lost.

  4. We should have shopping day. I've never been to H&M and I definitely need to see just how big the biggest Forever 21 ever is.

  5. You should name your new computer Lady Gala. If its an apple.

    Or get a pink computer and call her Pink Lady.