Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Where have I been? Let me tell you!

So what have I been up to besides not blogging?
First off let me say that I am so excited for the day I can get a new computer. While I am so extremely thankful for the one I have [Thank you Sara! :)], I will be so happy when my camera will once again connect to my computer.
Maybe its because Apple here is so old, I don't know, but she absolutely WILL NOT recognize my camera as anything. Just won't show up when I plug it in. Sad day.
So until that day I must upload from my phone, which is not as cool or as pretty, oh well. :)

So I bought these letters from JoAnn Fabrics [LOVE THAT PLACE]. They were each $1 off, so it was about $5 for both of them. M & M... Meagan Maki. Or Meagan Marie. Or Marvelous Mastermind, I don't know. Whatever you want MM to be... that's what it is.

I then spray painted them white, and have them sitting on my desk for decoration. I plan to put them on my shelf, when I get a new one. :) Mine right now is way too full!

I also made these cool cupcakes. Homemade fondant Mario cupcakes. Delicious if I do say so myself. [You can ask Savanah or Andy or my Mom or Jarvis... they would all agree! :)] It took me a while but it was fun and I had the spare time.

Lastly, but actually firstly because I did this before I made the letters or the cupcakes, I taught/am still teaching Brody how to eat with a fork. Yup, little man is growing up! And the best part about him eating with a fork? HE LOVES IT, and he eats ALL his food.
The boy has always been a picky eater. Ever since I've known him, he's just like his nanny. :)
Anyway, when I cooked his lunch and helped him eat with a fork last week, he ate every bite! I was so happy and he was happy/confused at why I was happy. But it was a good moment. Ha! :)

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  1. Loving all your crafty, beautiful, and (now) delicious looking stuff!!! I tried a couple times over the past month but the food was too much so I came back later when the baby would like to have some Devil's food cookies and some Fireballs--don't know why but these are the first time I have thought about food in a desirable way in a month!!!! That is a long time for me! Anywho the cakes and cupcakes are beautiful as well as drool inducing (currently- that could change in 2 minutes or less:) I love you so! Brody is getting big and soooo cute!