Saturday, August 28, 2010

Reasons I love Puyallup #4: Flowers and Garage Sales

As Talicia would say, I got a steal deal on this stuff.
On Friday morning, my day off, I went to a few garage sales around town. One had these pretty jars, for 10 dollars each. Whaaat. I was not buying.
But when I went across the street, they were selling them for 2 dollars/dozen. I can do that.
The lady also threw in 3 extra ones for a quarter because they were the last of that particular size.
So what was I to do with all these jars??

Then this morning, I went to the market as usual. 9am and an americano in my system, I was ready for whatever the market had for me.

After meeting the COOLEST milkman ever, who gave Savanah and I free chocolate milk, AND buying some raspberries and blueberries, I ran into this five dollar bouquet of dahlias.
Ohhh I love dahlias. And I love 5 dollar bouquets. So naturally I got them

After some cutting and rearranging, I got three beautiful jars of flowers for my room!!
[On my desk!]

[On my beside table.]

[On my other little table!]

Flowers make my room so happy.
And the price makes my wallet happy. Cliche, but whatever.

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  1. I love those flowers! You should make this: