Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sunshine and Bro-ito.

Say hello to Brody. He is my job. And I love him.
I especially love his age right now: one and a half.
He LOVES exploring. A little too much, almost. He also loves to be outdoors, as do I. So we have fun together.
Excuse me, Miss Meagan? Its bright. Can I have your sunglasses?
(He can't quite talk yet, but I can read him pretty well.)
Thanks Meg. These are so much fun!
I'm really sorry I broke your sunglasses.

I'll just walk away now.
Okay that was boring. What else do ya have for me to break--err... play with?
Please?? I love you.

Typical conversation with the little man.
And I love it.


  1. I guess he is pretty cute...

  2. He is adorable! Is he saying any new words?

  3. Katy: Thats right, give in to the cuteness of Broito!

    Kelsey: Not really, he actually stopped saying regular words. He recognizes things and points to them, but when he talks, its just babbling.