Friday, November 15, 2013

Sickness and moving and pointy noses.

Dearest Blogging World, I have not forgotten you. I swear. Love, Meagan.

Okay but let's be real, I really have forgotten you. I just don't want to hurt your feelings. I am trying. Really, really, REALLY trying to be good. Because if there was a blogging Santa, I'd be getting coal for sure this year. 

Anyway, I'm going to link up with the good life blog and post a Five on Friday post. Because they are my favorite and I have five really awesome things to share. Or maybe they are five really lame things. Don't tell me.
It's Friday. Woo. Can you tell I am excited? I woke up this morning feeling TERRIBLE. I was sure I had a fever and that I would never talk again because my throat was mutilated by all the razor blades I'd apparently swallowed in my sleep. But no. Ninety-eight point four. Practically perfect. So I called in to work, which would have been fine. Except we're moving this weekend. So I can't lay in bed and relax when my house is a wreck and my new house is sweetly whispering, "Come! Fill me with your stuff and light candles and decorate and enjoy HEAT and mold-free air!" Yes, our current place has mold. This was not supposed to be a rant. But thanks to the sick day I am taking a few minutes to blog, so that's nice. Ah, Friday.

I am literally wearing so many layers I lost count. When you're sick and moving and you live in western Washington and its November... layers are a must. Socks over jeans are a must. With socks underneath as well... because, well... IT'S COLD.  But this is what I absolutely love about fall. Knee socks under boots with polka dots, flannel everything, sweater headbands. The works. Also, does anyone else have sick hair? Not sick hair are in "so rad, man", but as in "I am so sick and my hair knows it so it absolutely will not do anything" hair. Just me? So, the sweater headband is helping that.

My lovely bonus mother-in-law and aunt AND grandma are coming into town RIGHT NOW to go to the Funky Junk holiday show with me! They are bringing cousin Adam too, but I'm sure he's not so stoked about the antique show as we are.  ;) My mom and Talicia are going too. I've sworn off coffee for a while because I can sleep better, but I might need it for tonight. I can't have other ladies stealing my good deals just because I'm sick. I've got to be on top of my shopping game.

Everytime I have moved in the last year, it has been on day with pouring rain. After I called in and got everything squared away at work, I grabbed a coat and rainboots to go stand in my new house and enjoy it before we fill it. Not even a drop of rain on my way over or back. So I packed up my TINY car and started moving a few loads of stuff. First box out of the car and a raindrop hit me square on the nose. Just like in the movies, I looked up and it started pouring. It hasn't stopped since. I love you Washington.
No but seriously, I love you Washington. I'll put up with your rain FOREVER.

Speaking of my nose, I've always liked it. It's little and straight, and it does its job. But yesterday one of my sweet second graders (Just kidding, she is the bane of my existence at work. AND you could say she is nosey, ha ha ha.) said, "Mrs. Meagan, you have a pointy nose. You must be from the land of the cold! Pointy nose, pointy nose!" Whatever that means?! I mean, technically I am scandanavian, and I hear that it gets pretty cold up in Finland and Norway, but where do kids come up with this?? I am totally okay with this, not offended. Maybe she thinks I'm an elf or something. ;)


  1. Moving in the Texas heat is brutal but I can't imagine in the cold :( good luck

  2. Ugh I hate moving! We've moved in the extreme heat and in the extreme cold, but never any rain. I would for sure take the cold over the heat though without a doubt.

    Feel better and good luck with the rest of your move!

  3. Oh no! What a bummer that rain is! I was almost going to drop by your work thing I didn't. Ellie and I will be at the show tomorrow morning, are you going back to it?

  4. They say rain on your wedding day is good luck. Moving day not so sure. Happy you're out of the fungus fest. So glad you powered through for our Funky Junk show! LoVeD seeing you so much this month. Can't wait to see you and Aaron for Christmas break, yipee!! Oh and p.s. you have the cutest nose and profile, which will look adorable on grandbabies. Just sayin'.

  5. I nominated you for the Liebster award today :)

  6. Oh I know all about sick hair! Hope that the move ended up swell! :)