Tuesday, July 30, 2013

the best day ever.

Here they are... our wedding pictures.
Obviously these aren't all of them, but I picked some of my favorites to share. My good friend Sarah Richardson did a fantastic job. She is super creative, and besides being awesome at taking photos, she is also a writer at shelovesmagazine.  And her second shooter Carey Rose was awesome too! (Take a second and check out their work here and here). We were blessed to have each of you be a part of our day! :)

I did my own hair and makeup because I am a bit of a control freak. 

I was SO EXCITED to see Aaron. We decided long ago that we wanted to see each other before the ceremony. It was still a very special 'reveal', and we were able to spend our entire day together. It really eased my nerves and made for lots of fun memories and laughs with each other and our wedding party before the ceremony.
These guys are all so special. It makes me heart so happy to see this picture. We are blessed to be geographically close to a few, and I often pray that God will put us in closer proximity to the rest.

Sarah lined us up and instructed Sophia and Talicia to tell us a joke. I'm not sure was Sophia was saying, but I'm pretty sure Talicia said, "I wish we near a cemetery because I've got a good joke about those."

I love this.

I have two sisters now!

Our flower girls and ring bearer were AMAZING. They had many, many questions on technique and form, but they executed their duties perfectly. They looked good too! I love them all.

I'm blushing because I don't usually post kissing pictures ANYWHERE.
This is my favorite of all of our pictures.
Our moms are pretty much best friends now. And our step dads are twins with their shades.

Up until just a few years ago, I still hoped for more siblings. I know, I'm weird. But God heard my prayers, and now I have TWO sisters and FOUR more brothers. :D

My grandpa fit the style of our wedding perfectly without even meaning to! :)
It was busy and crazy but SO NICE to see Sarah and Ru for a number of hours over the Friday/Saturday of our wedding.

Mother/son. :)
Mother/daughter. :)

This was not posed. I just love him a lot.
Sidenote about the bouquets... my mom and Joe drove up to Seattle on Friday and bought out a stand at Pike Place market. Then sweet friends and family put together all the bouquets and decorated the entire place with the leftovers. Jake, who is basically family and also 16, made all the girls bouquets. I WAS SO IMPRESSED. 
For how vague my descriptions were for flowers (wildflowers with lots of colors... no color scheme please!)... they turned out even better than I imagined.

The Orting Bakery provided our cake and all the sweets. SO GOOD.

We had a few speeches, but Dave's was the only one caught on camera.

I'll leave you with this. I love all of our crazy faces.

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