Tuesday, May 14, 2013

210 #2

 Welcome to our home. Little lime green 210 #2. It is one of five little units in town and I have grown fond of the bright exterior. It was hard to get any pictures of entire rooms, but I tried. And if you're that curious to see the rest, come visit!

Above is our front porch, complete with a thriving strawberry plant that Uncle mark and Aunt Sarah brought down when I first moved in. I am really excited about it.

 These guys are the cutest succulants I've ever seen. Aaron's mom Ruth gave them to me after my bridal shower in Spokane, and I love seeing them in the kitchen everyday.

 Our kitchen table has had flowers on it since April. First from my Spokane shower, then lilacs from the alley (yes I cut flowers out of our alley...) and now from the bridal shower my bridesmaids and mom threw me this past weekend. They definitely add to the place.
This mixer is cool. I like it.


This is the view of our kitchen from the kitchen table. Can you see now why its hard to get pictures? Its tight quarters, but cozy. We have tons of cabinet space, but don't try to open the fridge and oven at the same time. And yes there are dishes in the sink. :)
 Now this is awesome. We are in the process of building a coffee bar. I will update when it is complete, but for now we've got a trusty drip brewer and a brand new shiny espresso machine. I want to add a shelf for some of our cooler mugs, and set our french press stuff up as well. It's a work in progress but quickly becoming one of my favorite areas.

The living room from the dining room table. The couch was Aaron's, and then at his parents' house for a long time. Now they are ours, and pretty nice for a first place! And yes, our living room is mint green. We did not pick out the colors and aren't allowed to paint, so we're just trying to go with it. :)
This is the other side of the living room. I want to paint or replace that dresser, but we need to storage space for clothes. This place only has one closet! Anyway, we have vertical blinds throughout the house, so making curtains is also on the must-do list. But thankfully all our furniture fits perfectly (so far)!
I am about to live with a boy. Good thing I don't mind video games. (This is only the Wii, Xbox will be joining us in July.) We also use this basket for the few regular games we have... Yahtzee and dominoes! :)

Our bathroom is one of the surprising rooms in the house. Everyone who comes over is immediately like, "Whoa! Huge bathroom!" It's because the rest of the house is so tiny. :) I am just super thankful that we have a washer and dryer!

Lastly, the bedroom. And honestly, I can't get a good picture because the bed takes up the entire room. But this chalkboard... I want to do something with it. We're using it for something at the wedding, but I think it would make a cool headboard... maybe?


  1. Ah! I absolutely love it. the bathroom is super cute and it looks like those pillows fit right in. :) I'm so excited for you two.

  2. LOVE IT!! I can't wait to come and see it in person!!

    ♥ Ashley

  3. It is perfect! You are putting such a cute and homey touch on your little love nest. I just couldn't like you more Meagan, so blessed to have you in our family. So where can all 4 of the kids sleep when we come visit? Oh, that's right, you have a king sized bed so that's perfect, they will totally fit in there with you guys;) xoxo