Thursday, January 17, 2013

Dry hands and five important people.

You know what's really annoying? Dry, wintery hands. No, I'm not about to go into an advertisement about hand lotion... not enough people read my blog for that to make money. But seriously, my poor knuckles and nails and are all cracked and raw. SO annoying.

You know what's NOT annoying? The fact that Aaron and I are crossing things off our wedding checklist left and right.

One of the things that we actually squared away while we were still in Mexico was our wedding party. For me, this was such an easy decision because I knew right away who needed to be a part of our day.

First, my maid of honor, Talicia. She'd argue that she knows me better than anyone. I'd say it's pretty close. We met sometime in middle school... and I realize that sounds really vague for someone I am claiming as my best friend, but growing up in a small town means you know people before you really KNOW them. Does that make sense? Anyway, it wasn't until we were on a retreat with our youth group that we actually bonded (oh my gosh, such a cliche term but I had to do it) and we've been best friends ever since. She's the kind of friend that calls me to describe a shirt she just bought, while I am tossing a target bag into my car that contains the exact same shirt she's describing. We're in each other's head or something.

[Photo: Typical. Talicia's 19th birthday, sunburned, overtired and probably hungry because we had no money. 2009.]

Then there is my matron of honor, Katy. I've known Katy for a long time too. I'm trying to think of how to describe our friendship, but honestly, we just get each other. Katy always understands what I'm saying, which is a feat because I talk fast and don't always make sense, and she can usually finish my thought or sentence. And vice-versa. We've spent the last five years of our friendship living roughly 1,200 miles apart, dreaming and scheming of different business plans and dinner party ideas. Now that her and her husband live in Washington again, our business plans have not really taken shape and we don't quite have the set up for dinner parties yet, but I'm just glad to have her around.

[Photo: Me and katy sporting Auburn jerseys on a trip to Alabama in 2006 for a wedding. Yes, that is the men's section in Wal-Mart. How could you tell?]

Kelsey is actually my oldest friend of all my bridesmaids. My memories with her start in 8th grade when we were both TA's for the same class. I was pretty sure she did NOT want to be my friend. Obviously I was wrong. Or she changed her mind. Either way, I have been so blessed to have Kelsey as a friend over the years, through the awkwardness of middle school, many, many lunches in the yearbook room, school dances, Daffodil selection, her first time driving through a drive-thru (yes, Starbucks on our way to a meeting!) and to have been a part of her wedding. We've made some great memories and now I am excited for her to be a part of my wedding!

[Photo: Talicia, Kelsey and me on a trip to Snoqualmie to go tubing. We adventured up the pass in a chained up mini-van and were SO EXCITED to finally reach our destination, we had to take pictures. 2008.]

Now Sarah... oh, this is really funny. I think I've only really told Aaron this, but I was actually scared to meet Sarah for the first time. If you put yourself in my shoes, maybe you can see it. I mean, she is Aaron's cousin and actually more like his sister, and she is so stylish, and I think I love Aaron, and I'm having a bad hair day, and what if she doesn't like me... okay I was definitely over thinking, but I was nervous. In reality, I had nothing to worry about because Sarah is wonderful! There is something about her friendship that makes it feel like I've known her forever. And maybe that's just how God planned it. But seriously, I am so excited to have her as a bridesmaid and as a cousin and as a sister!

Like with Sarah, I know that God planned mine and Sophia's friendship to feel like we've known each other forever. Because as I sit here, I can pretty much count the times that we have hung out on one hand, but that doesn't seem right. Somehow we must just be able to cram years of friendship into a span of 3-5 days each time we see each other. Which, for the record, I think is actually possible. My bridal party would not be complete without Sophia, and I am so looking forward to having her in my wedding and in my life! (And Sophia, I'm still all for you moving to this side of the mountains, just saying.)

[Photo: Sophia, me and Sarah on Christmas 2012. We did not plan on basically matching, but it happened. Also, why did I not get the memo to fold my hands like that? Dangit.]

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