Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A place to study or blog.

So... this isn't COMPLETELY done, but I'm impatient. I just had to set it all up in my room to see how it looked.
The verdict...


I picked this nice little spot by my bedroom door. Maybe it will remind me to get my work done right when I walk into my room?

I am in love with my Washington/Oregon road map. I think its from the 70's... I got it at an antique store but its definitely not an antique. The colors in the map are my inspiration for the whole room.

The top of the desk is made from an old door from my old house. It had windows at the top, but we cut that part off. I obviously still need to paint/sand this side where it was cut.

The crates were the best idea. I told my mom about the door part. She replied that crates would be perfect as legs for storage. Probably because I already had two white crates. But I am currently using them for other things.
So my roommate, Jeanette, and I were at the antique store yet again, and I saw these crates. They said 7.50... which was alright, but I wasn't about to spend 30 bucks on a bunch of old beat up crates.
Then... SAME DAY... on my way home, I drove past Van Leirop's and voila! EXACT same crates... about 80 of them... stacked up with a piece of plywood that said 2 dollars each! Much, much better! Those sneaky antique people, trying to make 5.50 off old crates. Tsk tsk. I'm too smart for that!

The only thing on the desk besides my computer is this precious oil lamp I found forever ago, and my jar of pens.

Besides painting and sanding, I ordered a big piece of glass to put over the whole thing. That way I can put a calendar and pictures or whatever I want in the sunk in part of the desk. And I will have a flat space to write and everything.

So there you have it. The beginning of my awesome desk. I'm in love.


  1. Oh man...this is so cute. I love your room!

  2. I can't wait to see what it looks like when you're completed with it!