Thursday, June 16, 2011

Inspiration... Thursday: Craft Party.

A few weeks ago, Mary, Sarah and I were talking about crafts. Actually... Sarah was completely set on making a necklace and everyone else was busy so she had to craft alone.
That led to us deciding to have a craft party as soon as I moved into my new house.
Now that I'm moved into my new house... I need to think of some craft ideas!

So onto Pinterest I went. As usual. Because I am addicted and its so cool.
I found like 29347974 things to craft, but these are my top ideas/ones I can actually afford to do ASAP. :)

First is a memory jar. You write down exciting things [or mundane things, whatever] throughout the year and place them in the jar. Then on New Years... you open it up and read them. SO FUN. I think I'm going to convince all my roommates to do this as well.

Next are some map hearts. What would I do with them? I don't know. I don't really care. I just love maps and I love hearts. The end.

Lastly I'm going to make a chalkboard calendar. I love the idea. And I love post its. PERFECT.

For our snack/dessert, we're going to make fruit pizza. I first had it in Louisiana at the VBS potluck. Amazing. Its basically a sugar cookie crust, cream cheese/marshmallow 'sauce' and whatever fruits you like on top.

THIS is a good enough recipe. I'm more of a figure it out as I go person... instead of following a recipe. But for you followers out there...

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