Saturday, January 22, 2011


Let's be honest here, I have been a terrible blogger. I really have wanted and tied to blog but my thoughts have been clouded with many other things. First it was the craziness of the holidays. I was busy and excited and had friends coming and going left and right. Then it was New Years, which was spent in Cle Elum with my dad, Shawn, Jarvis, Jake, Cole and Robyn. We snowmobiled, hung out around the fire, stayed warm in the RV (It was a balmy -5 ish at night. Yeah...) and got coffee from the cute coffee shop in town. Very fun.

After the new year, I made a pretty big decision to apply to Liberty University in Virginia. Scary I know, but I'm excited. Be praying for me. :)

Also Talicia has been visiting. Which means my days are still consumed with dirty diapers and juice cups and toy trucks, but instead of restful nights, I have been hanging out, catching up and driving around Puyallup and orating with her. I love it and am sad to see her go back to the ATL, but I'm a little excited for the extra rest I will get.

So blogger world, I will be back soon with more interesting posts and pictures and what not. I just thought it would be nice to explain why I have been absent for so long. :)

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  1. BE BACK SOONER!!!! Miss you. On blogger. Not in person. I see you a lot in person right now. :)