Saturday, October 2, 2010

The new mixer!

I'm one happy girl today. This week numerous wonderful things happened!
First, my old computer [which is actually NEWER than the one I have been using] came back from the dead. Yes. It sat in my garage all winter, spring and summer... and on Wednesday decided to come back to life! I literally just plugged it in, pressed power and she was back! I still can't believe it. You wouldn't either if you saw what she was doing before I put her in the garage for good [or so I thought].
Anyway, since she is back to life, that means I can now upload pictures from my camera. YESSS!
That is the second wonderful thing that happened. I guess it goes with the first one, oh well.
Thirdly, I got a raise at work. Which is wonderful when you already love what you're doing!
And fourthly... today I found this beauty.
So I actually found this LAST Thursday, but I didn't buy it. I wasn't sure if it worked or if it was worth it or how much I loved it. But then I thought about it for a week, and went back to 3rd Street Antiques and bought it. That store is so fun, by the way. If you have a chance... check it out. I get lost in there every time I go. I also always find something in this lovely blue hue. Every time, without fail.

So yeah, it works and everything! I was going to bake something tonight and use it just to show it in action, but I got distracted by Target and other things.
It has some nice 'character'. AKA chips in the paint. I love it. But my favorite part are the speeds!

How cool is that?

I'm so thankful for the #9 setting. Whipping whipping cream by hand is SO TIRING. Trust me, I did it all this summer. :)

Egg whites too! Ha. My least favorite part of making coffee cake... whipping egg whites. Not anymore!!


  1. So cute, so love it. Does that bowl just stay on there? I have that bowl and I have a white mixer like this but never knew they went together?

  2. No it just kind of sits there on it. I guess they originally came with a smaller bowl and bigger one, so now I have to search for one of the bigger ones! )