Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Country Living is speaking to my heart!

If you haven't known me since I was born, let me fill you in on something: I love projects and crafts. I always have, and I probably always will. My parents always told me that you can't fix things with paint (Funny of them to say since they spray painted my pink BARBIE jeep black and put a big red #3 on the side... hmmm...). I disagree. But that's another story because this has nothing to do with painting... I don't think.

I always love Country Living magazine and their website. But I think I love them more after this month. [All this pictures are from their website...] I loved framed things. And this framed quote is cute and simple. Poster board, stencil, straight edge razor, and pretty fabric. I think its pretty easy to see how to do it. If not, check out the website. :)

Now this... is cool. I'm not a huge fan of the colors they chose, but obviously you can do that however you want to. I just like the idea of hanging it over a chair... so cute. And it will come in handy for mine and Kelsey's big First Annual Thanksgiving Eve EVE dinner. :) More to come on that later, for sure.

Lastly, maps. I love maps. I feel like this post has a lot of what I love in it. Ha. Anyway, I could look at maps all day. And sometimes I do. But this is such a cool and unique way of displaying places you've traveled/lived. I. LOVE. IT.


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  1. Are we going to make something to put on the chairs for the dinner party? Because that is really adorable.