Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Summertime and the livin's easy.

Summer is right around the corner. Since winter here has been so nice, I cannot wait to see what it will be like in the summer months.

I love every season for different reasons. There really isn't one I love more or less. I won't go into detail about fall, winter or spring... but I will about summer.

Growing up in Washington, the majority of the year is gray. Not always rainy as movies and TV make it sound, but it is usually gray. Spring begins to show signs of color, but summer is when the blue sky is best.

The nights are long, the days are warm. I just cannot get enough of the sunshine. Not to mention the smell of freshly trimmed grass, the sound of the various rivers splashing throughout the valley, the taste of BBQ smoke in the air, the feeling of warm pavement under bare feet... should I go on?

So this summer, a few of my wonderful friends and I have decide to make lists. Have I ever mentioned that lists are my favorite thing in the world? No. Okay well they are.

Anyway, summer lists. Stuff that I [we] want to do/accomplish this summer. Together, by ourselves, whichever. It is an amazing list, which I will most likely add to. But, starting Memorial Day Weekend, I will begin crossing off items as they are completed. I will also TRY to take pictures of said items, and blog about them. Can't wait!

You can see the list on the little tab towards the top of the page titled '100 Days of Summer.'

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