Monday, April 26, 2010

My camera and computer do not get along!

I really wish my camera would connect to my computer, but for some reason I won't.

I have been wishing that wish for at least a week now, and that's precisely why I haven't posted.

I need to figure out what's wrong, and I will. Soon. I promise.

So I got started on my summer list a little early. My plan was to wait at least until May 5th, when Robyn gets home from that terrible, horrible place called Washington State University. Instead, I went ahead and crossed off two whole items!!

The first one was to learn to drive a stick. I learned a long time ago. I was 17 and one of the boys in our youth group had a truck with manual gears. Yeah. I wasn't very good. Then about a year later I drove our youth pastor's jeep around the school parking lot. Again, I am sure I killed it more than 3 times. In a parking lot.

So this past weekend when I was housesitting, the vehicle they left for me, of course, was a stick. I was bummed at first, but decided to embrace the opportunity to cross one thing off my summer list. And.... SUCCESS! I drove all the way from Bradley Lake Park to 176th and Meridian without killing it! And when I was done babysitting, I drove all the way back! I was amazed at myself, and ended up driving the car the rest of the week, up and down South Hill and all around to my various jobs and meetings in town.

The second crossed off item is one I am sure to cross off again and again as the weather gets warmer-- walk around downtown at night.

Pioneer Park is so pretty during the day, and just as lovely at night! Savanah and I sat outside under the stars and caught up on life [since she goes to Western in Bellingham, we only see each other every couple months]. It was so fun and I am looking forward to walking around more often!!

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  1. I love your new background!! So cute!!! I want to steal it but won't :) hehe! I can't wait to be out around Puyallup when it stays nice a warm until like 9pm! Stick is so fun too! That was my first car!