Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I've always loved recording. I have a box full of journals in my closet. They are all halfway full, but that is just because I love buying new ones. I like to fill planners with all my dates and classes and activities. There is just something about being able to go back and look at what I've been up to that I love. I have a jar in my room with a ribbon tied around the top. Next to it, I keep little scraps of paper and write down precious memories that I don't want to forget, fold them up and put them in the jar. Then at the end of the year I dump out the jar and read all of my sweet memories from the year.

Blogging is the same. I've kept a blog for almost seven years. How cool is it that I can go back to August of 2006 and read all about my summer? I laugh and my self often. I'm embarrassed even more often. But I just love having everything recorded.

I go through phases where I am more private. Most of my days and memories are scrawled out on the pages of my journal. Then I stick it in my Bible and keep it with me in case I am hit with a verse or a moment that I need to write down. These are the times that my blog is neglected and my Facebook friends think I have nothing going on in my life.

Other times I am so excited about the things going on that I record it everywhere. I blog about it, write it in my journal, Instagram it, Facebook it, tweet it... you name it, I've got it out there for all my friends to see and read and like and retweet. Its great that social media keeps us connected with friends close and far away, but I am more thankful for the recording and chronological organization of it. That probably makes me a super nerd, whatever.

I want to take full advantage of all the cool technology available to me. My parents are pretty much limited to school pictures and family vacations when it comes to looking back at their lives. I've got pictures of homemade salsa and wildfires and tanlines and hockey game dates that all have dates attached to them. And that's just from this year. Why do I love this so much? I am such a recorder.

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  1. I like this post and could quote it as my own sentiments; I completely understand. Enjoy it now, my sweet friend! Record whenever you can!!