Saturday, November 7, 2009

remember, remember the 7th of november...

No, that's not right. Oh well.

This afternoon, Bellingham is calling my name. I can hear it. That voice from up north, "Meagannnn.... Meaaaagannnn!" [It might just be Julia and Savanah via Facebook, but I still hear it.] I think this Saturday, the 7th of November, will be one to remember.

I love looking back and going... "Hey, remember that day we were so spontaneous and [insert fun thing here]?" I have had a lot of those days in my short life and I don't plan on stopping them either.

I am still chained to Forza for about 40 more minutes. Then I shall go home, change into more socially accepted clothes [not all black], put on a raincoat [ITS POURING], possibly rainboots and jump on I-5.

The catch on this excursion: I have to be at Bethany, alive, awake and fully functioning, by 9:45AM. Is it worth it? Will I be tired? Will I hate my life when my alarm goes off in the morning? Will I need a nap tomorrow afternoon? Do I have time for a nap tomorrow afternoon? These are the questions I must ask myself.

And the ansers: Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. YES!

All systems go.

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